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Teriberka is obviously the most popular place in the Murmansk region. Every day Teriberka is visited by a huge number of tourists from all over the world. In conditions of quarantine, when all foreign travel is not available to Russians, Teriberka took a hit. Tourists from all over Russia rushed north.

Should you spend your vacation in the north?

Vacation may or may not, but a day off, another one is possible. Now we will tell you and show you why. It is not for nothing that so many tourists flock there.

The period of self-isolation is over, which means everyone has left home and is eager to travel. The main thing is to stay away from the city apartment. If you have not yet decided where to go, we are ready to advise you to rent a car in Murmansk and go to Teriberka.

Teriberka – roughly speaking, a village on the shores of the Barents Sea (population 957 people). And the way to it lies through the bowels of the Kola Peninsula. You will have to drive about 120 km to Teriberka by car. This whole path is what this little village on the end of the earth is loved for. Heading towards the village, you will see and feel all the strength and power of nature.


Car rental in Teriberka has become an extremely popular service, because a huge number of people strive to see this indescribable beauty, to feel this space. And you can get there only in three ways:

Unfortunately, the regular bus runs quite rarely, and not everyone wants to go to such a distance in their own car. Most tourists resort to car rental in Teriberka and go on a trip on their own, without guides and photographers.

The road to Teriberka

Despite the frequency of tourists visiting Teriberka, there is no asphalt road. After the 80th kilometer along the Serebryanskoye highway, the road will end and the off-road will begin. Several times a month a grader passes the way from the 80th kilometer to Teriberka, which “cuts” the road for future travelers. Unfortunately, this is not enough for long, and after a short period of time the road becomes covered with bumps and puddles with holes under them.

It is worth being careful about this section of the road, it is a very emergency area.


If you decide to conquer the northern expanse on your own by renting a jeep or crossover, then a trip to Teriberka should be approached responsibly. In most companies, it is impossible to rent a car in Teriberka, or a car not lower than a crossover is required. This is due to the poor road surface as mentioned above.

The risk of damaging your vehicle justifies what you find there. Here are some pictures of our clients.

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