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The BARENS company invites you to familiarize yourself with the “lease of a manipulator” service in Murmansk. A manipulator is a special technique, in particular, a vehicle with increased carrying capacity, equipped with a manipulator mechanism. Manipulator is a low-lifting capacity crane designed for installation on a mobile chassis. In our case, the lifting capacity of the boom is 7t. The manipulator installed on the car has a number of possibilities and is widely used in different directions:

  • Aerial platform with cradle
  • Manipulator
  • Tow truck
  • Truck crane

Rent of a manipulator in Murmansk is an irreplaceable service in construction. Such equipment costs several million, and you can rent a manipulator for only a couple of thousand. Ordering a manipulator is also useful for companies engaged in container transportation.

The main advantage of renting a manipulator in Murmansk is mobility and self-propelledness. The manipulator, unlike the crane, does not require an additional vehicle with a body. Renting a manipulator in Murmansk means saving on transport. The manipulator places objects in its body, takes them to the unloading point and unloads itself. Our manipulator can lift objects up to 22m. Check out the specifications below.

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-Length x Width x Height, mm 11250 x 2490 x 3010
-Gross vehicle weight 33 000 kg
-Lifting capacity of the chassis 23 380kg
-Engine volume, 15681 cm3
-Type of fuel DT
-Power, kW / hp – 294/400
-Cabin single row, 3-seater


-Dimensions 8100 x 2550 x 600.
-Board aluminum, height – 600mm.
-Lifting capacity 18,300kg
-Corner gussets to strengthen the crossbars.
-Floor – laminated plywood.
– Load securing loops.
-Foldable aluminum side wheel protectors.

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Maximum lifting height 22.7 (25.8) m
Max. working radius 19.8 m
Carrying capacity:
2.7m / 7000kg, 4.7m / 3900kg, 7.7m / 2100kg, 10.7m / 1250kg, 13.7m / 850kg, 16.8m / 600kg, 19.8m / 400kg
Arrow Type – Hexa
Number of sections – 6
Winch speed 15 m / min
Boom vibration speed 80/17 deg / sec
Rotation speed 2.5 rpm
Boom rotation angle 360 degrees.


FROM 2000 ₽ / HOUR



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The construction industry and the sphere of transportation of goods are developing very dynamically. It is important to note that during such work, you cannot do without special equipment: aerial platforms, truck cranes, manipulators and even tow trucks – they are simply an irreplaceable assistant for solving many problems. However, not every company, and even more so a private person, can purchase this type of transport, as this leads to significant expenses. In this case, the rental of special equipment comes to the rescue. This service can be ordered from our company. We carry out loading:

  • Oversized and oversized cargo;
  • Lengths;
  • ready-made structures;
  • transportation and loading of vehicles using a tow truck;
  • garages, log cabins, reinforced concrete structures, etc.

We offer to rent a manipulator together with a professional operator, which will facilitate your working conditions and will not require a search for a specially trained person. Services are available to organizations, businessmen, individual entrepreneurs and individuals.

Rental conditions for special equipment in Murmansk

Any person can rent special equipment for any period of time: several hours, a day, a week, a month or more. Payment is made only for the time of use.

Own vehicle fleet

Our company has a significant vehicle fleet. Its numbers include:

  • aerial platform with a cradle;
  • manipulators with different lifting capacity and boom length;
  • evacuators;
  • truck cranes.

All equipment undergoes regular technical inspection. Before leaving and after completing the order, all machines are subjected to additional technical inspection. Therefore, ordering the rental of special equipment on barens.info is to get a vehicle ready for work!

Advantages of renting special equipment

  • saving. The cost of renting special equipment allows you to save money, since you do not need to buy it;
  • no need to repair the vehicle;
  • qualified employees. All operators have over 10 years of experience;
  • a large selection of vehicles. Any special equipment for rent, capable of solving any of your tasks;
  • the right way out. If you need to solve one-time tasks, the best way out of the situation is to rent special equipment;
  • delivery. The lessor company delivers the necessary vehicle to the destination and picks it up after the end of the contract;
  • no need to buy a garage and spend money on transport tax.

The rental price of a manipulator (truck crane, manipulator, etc.) depends on the features and capabilities of the vehicle. You can get acquainted with the prices on the website, or check with our managers. Also, the cost of renting special equipment will depend on the duration of its use.

Why ordering a car rental on barens.info is the right choice

  • special prices for special equipment rental. Request the price list from our managers;
  • flexible system of discounts. Their size depends on the total amount of the order;
  • delivery of the vehicle to any address in Murmansk and the Murmansk region;
  • experienced operators and modern and always serviceable equipment;
  • personal manager. The employee only takes your application and prepares all the necessary documents: a contract, certificates of completion, reports and other documentation upon request.

You can order the rental of special equipment by phone or directly on the website. Leave a request and our specialists will call you back within 5 minutes.

Call and order the rental of a manipulator, a crane tow truck and an autotower at barens.ifo. Together we will solve any construction and loading and unloading tasks!

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