Murmansk is a port city. And you can’t even imagine what that means. The number of ships in the bay is off scale and literally every meter of water space is occupied by one or another vessel.

We are not just talking about fishing vessels of different sizes, here you will find almost the entire spectrum – from small to large, from small tugs to huge liners, bulk carriers and tankers.

The port of Murmansk is very large. A boat trip along the Kola Bay lasts about 3 hours. Our boat makes a U-turn after 1.5 hours of travel in the Belokamenka area. Local views are not limited to the industrial landscape of the port, the nature of the Kola Bay is very good. You can even meet local residents of the local waters. The photo below is a fur seal.


* Poor quality due to zoom. The cat was 20m from the boat.

These cute creatures stick their heads out of the water and explore the surroundings. At this moment they can be captured. And it should be noted that not only they are present in these waters. Dolphins can also be found here

It’s a pity, but we could not catch the moment when the whales emerge from the water, but believe me, they are amazing!

If you want to plunge into this interesting world, available only on board a boat, to see the wonders of engineering, such as icebreakers, or just enjoy the nature of the region – sign up for a walk.

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