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NORTHERN LIGHTS – the glow of the upper layers of the atmosphere, which have a magnetosphere, due to their interaction with charged particles of the solar wind.

Murmansk is in an ideal position to search for and observe the NORTHERN LIGHTS. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Murmansk with one goal – to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS.

BARENS company invites you to visit a romantic and exciting journey in search of the NORTHERN LIGHTS. The whole event takes place in comfortable minibuses of the most reliable brands. We provide transfer from your hotel.

BARENS forms groups of tourists up to 19 people to hunt for the NORTHERN LIGHTS in Murmansk. The cost of the entire event is 13,500 rubles for the whole group. Basically, our company is aimed at groups of tourists, but individual travelers are not uncommon. They will have to wait for a combined group of the same individual tourists.



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For many, winter is a reason to go on vacation to hot countries in order to escape from cold and frost. However, there is at least one reason when the pitch winter darkness will play into your hands – this is the opportunity to contemplate the northern lights. A natural phenomenon, unique in its beauty, has been attracting tourists from all over the world to the Kola Peninsula for many years. For some travel lovers, this point is a must, as well as a visit to Prague, Paris, Berlin or Rome. Every year, with the onset of the Polar Night, we announce a hunt for this natural phenomenon, and we invite you to see the Northern Lights or as it is also called Polar lights in Murmansk . In pursuit of him, you will receive a lot of positive emotions, see millions of miraculous lights against the background of the black velvet sky and get the opportunity to contemplate the night Murmansk.

Anyone who has ever watched the northern lights will never forget this fantastic sight. Do not miss your chance!

Why Murmansk

In Russia, the most suitable place for observing the Northern Lights is the Kola Peninsula. It is located in the Arctic and for as many as 7 months it is covered by the Polar Night. This means that you can watch him from September to April. During this period, even the weakest activity in the sky will be clearly visible. This is exactly the case when the dark season is on your side.

You can easily get to Murmansk by air or by rail. The city itself has a well-developed infrastructure, a huge number of hotels, hotels and restaurants.

What awaits you

By joining the pursuit of the Northern Lights in Murmansk on the Kola Peninsula , you will get a unique opportunity to observe this wonderful phenomenon from special viewing platforms. They are great for contemplation and are located just 40-50 kilometers from the city. During the excursion, you will be surrounded by magnificent uninhabited places, and endless forests and tundra. You will also learn many details about the nature of this delightful phenomenon, you can easily find it in the sky, and get a lot of photos against its background. You can buy a tour to Murmansk for the Northern Lights by phone or by mail on the website. Our staff will advise you on all issues.

Organizational details

  • we focus on the weather, so book an excursion a day in advance, or within a few hours from the time of a possible trip;
  • dress warmly and take your camera. A thermos with tea will not be superfluous, although our guides always keep them with them;
  • the best time to contemplate the Northern Lights is from October to April;
  • we organize hunting if the probability of seeing it is high enough. If the weather is unsatisfactory, then it is postponed to another day;
  • hunting takes place daily from 21:00 and lasts about 3 hours;
  • we form groups of up to 20 people;
  • The Northern Lights tour can be done with English speaking guides and photographers.
  • with us you get a unique opportunity to book tours of Murmansk, Kola Bay, Teriberka.

The cost of hunting for the Northern Lights

We offer the most favorable conditions – the tour price is only 725 rubles. per person. The cost of the entire event is 14500 rubles. for 3 hours hunting. This price includes transfer from the hotel.

Our advantages, or why tourists choose

Working with us, you get a number of advantages:

  • low prices;
  • additional excursions and tours;
  • experienced guides;
  • departures are carried out daily;
  • we carry out a transfer from the hotel;
  • comfortable minibuses MERCEDES

Call and book a tour-excursion ” Hunting for the Northern Lights ” in Murmansk, and you will get a lot of impressions and pleasant emotions.

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