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Commercial offers

Transport outsourcing:

We propose to increase profits by reducing costs. How to do it? Take advantage of our offer! Now everything is on the shelves. Why? How? And why do you need? What is required to organize a transport department? You will need:

1. Buy cars and take into account depreciation.
2. Pay insurance premiums and gasoline
3. Hire drivers
4. Hire mechanics.
5. Control over the work of drivers and mechanics (being late, absenteeism, irresponsibility, etc.)
6. Additional workload for managers (waybills, process organization).
7. Pay for the work of an accountant.
8. Pay for vacation, sick leave and other related expenses.
9. Pay for car repairs
10. Provide storage space for the vehicle.
11. Find or maintain a repair base.
12. Establish cooperation “state – river base”
13. Search and purchase of spare parts
14. Interaction with the traffic police (fines, accounting, etc.)
15. Spend TIME on all this!

Here are 15 points that you will never come across when working with BARENS.

Your business will only take into account the costs of an external contract, which greatly simplifies budgeting. And the freed up funds can be used for business development.

You will have more than 50 cars of the most reliable brands at your disposal, ranging from the beloved Renault Logan to reliable Lexus and Land Cruisers.

Stop wasting money today by concluding a great partnership offer with us. Just take advantage of our experience and efficiency.

If your company considers our proposal and considers it rational, then our employees will be happy to discuss with you in more detail and select the best terms of partnership.

The project of the site is still developing, further proposals are expected to be added. Prices are valid at the time of the proposals. For detailed information please contact us.


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