Sea fishing


Sea fishing in Murmansk with the BARENS company is a guaranteed receipt of decent service and emotions. Below you will find photo and video materials, useful information and you can order the service – “Fishing in the Barents Sea”.

Sea fishing in Murmansk, Ura-Guba, Teriberka on small vessels can take place all year round, because The Kola Bay does not freeze. It is warmed by a warm current – the Gulf Stream. The Gulf Stream prevents the Kola Bay from freezing all year round. This warm current prevents ice from forming on the surface of the water, although ice does form in some places, but not severe.

Sea fishing in Murmansk is available ALMOST all year round. there is one time limit. Navigation opens on March 15th and ends on November 1st. It turns out that fishing in the Barents Sea on small boats is available only during this period. By the way, the opening and closing dates of navigation change due to the weather.

Despite almost 8 months of fishing in the Barents Sea, the season lasts only one or two months. These two months are April and May, very rarely June.

Why is fishing in the Barents Sea only available at this time?

In April, you have the opportunity to catch the fish of your dreams. Huge shoals of cod run along the Kola Peninsula. Fishing in the Barents Sea turns not just into waiting for a bite, but into a “fishing race” when you tirelessly spin the spinning reel, pulling fish after fish out of the water.

Actually fishing in the Barents Sea is famous for this – cod, its quantity and size.


BARENS company invites you to spend an amazing time. Sea fishing on the Kola Peninsula has always been distinguished by picturesque views and huge catches.

The BARENS company will organize for you Sea fishing on comfortable small boats with a capacity of 5 to 10 passengers, excluding the captain and mate.

Sea fishing takes place off the coast of Kildin Island and the Rybachiy Peninsula. Fishing in the Barents Sea requires navigation equipment and echolocation. Our ships are equipped with all this.


Sea fishing

BARENS will take care of all issues related to the organization of fishing in the Barents Sea. We will solve the following issues:

  • Flight
  • Residence
  • Transfers
  • Entertainment activities (city tours)
  • Fishing in the Barents Sea

If you want to fish and not look for ways to do it, we will arrange everything.


Sea fishing


We can organize turnkey fishing trips. You are required to tell us what you want and we will find a SOLUTION. For example, searching for accommodation for a vacation, searching for tickets, equipment, etc.

Sea fishing


Knowing your requests, our logistics center will monitor solutions (hotels, tickets, transfers, etc.), draw up a commercial offer especially for you

Sea fishing


When fishing on a turnkey basis, an advance payment of 50% of the cost of the event is required. This money is used to pay for accommodation, tickets, transfers, etc.

Sea fishing


You arrive, we will meet you in a minibus with a representative of our company. Further check-in, inspection of the vessel, selection of equipment and tackle. Fishing.


Yamal 31 in Murmansk


The new 12-meter vessel “YAMAL 31” is equipped and designed specifically for Sea fishing, namely for fishing in the Barents Sea. The vessel is assembled only from quality materials. the sides of the YAMAL 31 are foamed to ensure increased safety. “Yamal 31” meets all the requirements of sea fishing and coastal fishing on the Kola Peninsula, as well as travel tourism of a tourist nature.

On board the YAMAL 31 for fishing in the Barents Sea you will find:

  • Navigation equipment that meets all modern trends
  • The rear of the ships has an awning that can be installed at low temperatures for travel comfort
  • Two 300 horsepower motors will make you pick up speed!
  • There is heating on board
  • Sleeps 3
  • A place for cooking and relaxing with a fun company
  • Toilet, aka toilet, almost like at home
Sea fishing


“FIRST” – 17-meter vessel, designed for 10 passengers and 2 crew members. This small vessel has a RS-4 hull and is designed for sea fishing. Because the ship has just been built, it has all the latest developments in navigation and echolocation devices. Designed specifically for fishing in the Barents Sea, the FIRST will satisfy all the needs of the modern fisherman and ensure the comfort of a sea fishing trip.

On board “FIRST” for fishing in the Barents Sea you will find:

  • Navigation equipment that meets all modern trends
  • There is heating on board
  • Sleeps 4
  • A place for cooking and relaxing with a fun company
  • Toilet, aka toilet, almost like at home
  • Storage space for large quantities of fish





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Самая известный вид рыбалки – это рыбалка в Мурманске. Каждый год наша компания собирает сотни любителей такого отдыха. И не удивительно! Отличается рыбалка разнообразием размеров и количества рыбы, которое вы вряд ли встретите где-то еще в нашей стране.

Рыбалка в Мурманске в Баренцевом море более суровая и экстремальная. Однако она подарит вам незабываемые виды и захватывающее знакомство с мощной и непредсказуемой морской стихией. Здесь вы сможете поймать такие виды рыб, как камбала, треска, морской налим, зубатка, палтус и многие другие.

Заказать морскую рыбалку с компанией «Баренс» – это значит насладиться хорошим уловом и отдохнуть в уютной бухте, раскачиваясь на удивительно красивых морских волнах. Мы гарантируем только высокое качество обслуживания и непередаваемые эмоции. Рыбалка может происходить круглогодично на маломерных суднах в Кольском заливе. Он не замерзает благодаря теплому Гольфстриму. Навигация начинается 15 марта, в это время мы ждем вас! Сроки навигации могут сдвигаться в связи с погодными условиями. Не упустите свой шанс поймать рыбу мечты вместе с «Баренс».

Organization of sea fishing with us

If you have never been to the Barents Sea, let alone fish, you will be surprised by the shoals of cod that run along the Kola Peninsula. During such a period, and this is April, May and June, you will tirelessly spin the spinning rod, getting the fish.

Рыбалку в Мурманске можно разделить на два вида: в заливе и в открытом море. Мы предлагаем провести незабываемые дни, любуясь живописными северными пейзажами, а заодно и своим огромным уловом.

У нас вы сможете заказать рыбалку на маломерных и невероятно комфортабельных суднах, которые рассчитаны на 5-10 человек без учета капитана и его помощника.

Fishing is carried out near the island of Kildin and the peninsula consonant with the name Rybachiy. Our vessels are equipped with navigation equipment and echolocation.

Barents is the company that organizes your holiday in the best way

The company is engaged in the full organization of fishing. We easily solve all issues:

  • flight;
  • residence;
  • transfer;
  • all kinds of entertainment activities, for example, a tour of Murmansk;
  • fishing in the open Barents Sea.

Fishing needs to be well planned. We calculate every action: preparation of gear, registration of going to sea, preparation of the vessel and the process itself. We pay close attention to each issue, so you get a good catch and a lot of positive impressions.

What you need to do to go sea fishing

Our main direction is “turnkey” fishing. You just have to tell about your wishes, and we will decide everything for you. Finding accommodation, a ticket, equipment – these are now our problems.

Our staff from the logistics center will create an individual plan for your fishing. This includes transfers, hotel, tickets and other matters. By choosing us, you will receive a profitable and exclusive commercial offer.

We do not require the entire amount at once, you will need to make a 50% prepayment of the total cost. This amount is calculated for accommodation, transfer and tickets.

Immediately upon arrival, we will meet you on our minibuses. Then you will be settled in, inspected the vessel, the choice of equipment and all the necessary supplies. After that, incredible fishing.

Barents vessels

We have two comfortable floating vehicles:

  • Yamal-31. Possesses navigation equipment and meets all modern requirements. Thanks to powerful engines, you will cut the sea waves at incredible speed;
  • The First is a 17-meter long vessel designed for 10 passengers. There is heating and a separate storage space for fish.

Мы приглашаем вас к нам на борт. Закажите морскую рыбалку в Баренцевом море, и вы получите отдых мечты и незабываемые впечатления. Вы можете связаться с нами по телефону или оставить заявку на нашем сайте.

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