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Murmansk is a hero city. On April 3, 1915, during the First World War, on the eastern shore of the Kola Bay of the Barents Sea, the Murmansk seaport was founded and with it the seaport Semyonovsky. This is how the history of the now largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle began.

Murmansk has a large number of monuments, museums and just interesting places. Tours around Murmansk usually take 3 to 5 hours. Despite the fact that the city is only 28 km long, excursions in Murmansk can last for a long time.

Murmansk is a famous city in Russia. His hero-city star flaunts on the square in Moscow. Many poems have been written about the city, and here is one of the best:

Murmansk, my broad-shouldered city,
I lay down on the bay with my breast.
The day is gone. Evening wanders by the windows.
The tide is angry at the quays.

Next to the handsome icebreaker,
That the ice flight will leave in the morning,
Resting peacefully by the jokes
Little sleep trawler.

Only in the port the winches are screeching,
New derrick groans over coal –
In the holds of foreign steamers
They load wood and apatite stone.

My city, your huge rocks,
That stand around, keeping you,
Make a new Kalevala rune –
This is my cherished dream.

Reindeer ride, swamps, bumps
And the untouched surface of lakes
To rhyme into song lines
And then chant with love!

In them read how swampy meadows
Twenty years ago there was fog
How the partisan grandfathers fought
Against the British interventionists.

The day is gone. The evening enveloped the city
And over Coke is the first star.
Everything is quiet. And only to meet the winds
Trains leave for Leningrad.

Sleep, Murmansk, bound by a sound sleep.
The chimes are heard from the Kremlin …
Rest: he was conquered by deed,
This vacation, my glorious city!

Alexander Podstanitsky,
July 1940.


Our company invites you to spend an interesting evening and plunge into the history of the city.

A tour of Murmansk with BARENS is a great way to learn more about the city.

Excursion around Murmansk with BARENS is the most interesting places of the city.

Excursion around Murmansk with BARENS is a large number of unique monuments.

Tour of Murmansk with BARENS is a journey on the most comfortable and reliable minibuses in the company of our professional guides.


We are primarily focused on groups of tourists up to 20 people. But it doesn’t matter if you are 2 or 3 people. We will arrange for you an individual tour in a new and modern passenger car.


BARENS offers two types of excursions in Murmansk:


Cost of a small tour


Cost of a large tour

In the first version of the excursion around Murmansk you will visit ~ 5 significant and interesting places. The second has ~ 10 seats.



The cost of a tour of Murmansk is also divided into two types:

Small excursion cost

Sightseeing tour In Murmansk
  • Kirov house of culture
  • monument To the victims of the Intervention
  • memorial complex to the Sailors who died in peacetime
  • monument “Alyosha”
  • monument “Waiting”
  • monument to the Chimney

$ 174.5


The cost of a large excursion

Sightseeing tour In Murmansk
  • Kirov house of culture
  • monument To the victims of the Intervention
  • The Kola bridge
  • Memorial of the second world war
  • Nuclear-powered icebreaker Lenin memorial complex to the Seamen who died in peaceful time
  • j. Sailors who died in peacetime
  • Semenovskoe lake
  • monument “Alyosha”
  • monument ” Waiting”
  • Fish market

$ 213


You can also order individual excursions around Murmansk and the region at the rate of $ 37.5 per hour.


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Murmansk is the city that makes you fall in love from the very first minute. If you have long wanted to experience the delight of greatness combined with incredible beauty, then a tour of the largest city in the Arctic Circle is created especially for you. We have prepared a fascinating story about the history of the creation and development of the city of Murmansk. Together with us you can visit the most important sights of the city. Depending on the season, you will see polar day or polar night. Of course, the highlight of the excursion can be considered a truly majestic sight in our city – the northern lights. Excursions in Murmansk are a great opportunity to get to know the most interesting places.

The main feature of our city can be considered the nature of incredible and fantastic beauty. The opportunity to contemplate Murmansk with its rocks, lakes and bays hides indescribable emotions and feelings.

What is included in city tours from and why only we can give the most vivid impressions?

In addition to the famous nature of the hero city, we propose to see the no less famous “Lenin” – an atomic icebreaker, a memorial to the “Defenders of the Soviet Arctic during the Second World War”, which is fondly called “Alyosha” in the city. We will show you a monument to the Waiting One (dedicated to a woman who is waiting for her sailor), and we will also give you the opportunity to look at the city from the most unexpected angles.

You can order an unforgettable excursion to the Lenin icebreaker in Murmansk in the most comfortable and safe minibuses at a reasonable price. Your guides will be real professionals and true connoisseurs of the history of their city.

Our company conducts excursions for groups of tourists up to 20 people. If there are only two of you, we will also not leave you and will conduct an individual tour in a passenger car.

You can order individual excursions around Murmansk, the price is $ 37.5 per hour.

Excursions in Murmansk with Barens are the choice of sophisticated tourists

Without false modesty, we can declare that every client is satisfied with our services. We offer our tourists:

  • an impressive fleet of vehicles: we can conduct excursions for any group, including individual trips. All equipment is tested and always works properly;
  • reasonable and affordable prices, as well as discounts and promotions. It is profitable and economical with us;
  • professional guides. Real experts with an inexhaustible love for the history of the city. All employees have a wealth of experience;
  • Individual approach to each client.

Book a sightseeing tour of Murmansk with us, and you will want to stay and live in this city forever. You can use the form to fill out an application directly on our website.

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