At the moment, car rental is one of the most demanded services among travelers and business travelers.

The main feature and undeniable advantage of our car rental in Murmansk is the availability of cars of different classes. All cars that are added to the site actually exist, are available for rent and belong to the organization.

Car rental in Teriberka is one of the additional services of Barents. Teriberka is a very popular place, but the 120 km road to it is divided into 2 sections. 80 km – an asphalt road, along which you can freely and quickly reach the junction to Teriberka. 40km – the road that the grader makes – from the fork to the village itself. More than once this section of the road was an emergency for our cars. Renting a car in Teriberku is depreciated, and only SUVs and crossovers are available for travel.

If you have a desire to visit this picturesque place, choose a car here and go!

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