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For the last few years, tourism in Murmansk has only been developing. And in 2019, the number of tourists almost exceeded the number of residents of the city. The main area of tourist interests is the village of Teriberka. Tours to Teriberka began to gain momentum. Already 50% of all tourists in the Murmansk region come to us for a tour to Teriberka.

BARENS company invites you to get acquainted with the service “Tour to Teriberka”. Join our professional guides on an exciting journey to the ends of the earth. Plunge into the history of the north, feel the power and vastness of the nature of the Murmansk region.

Tour to Teriberka is a popular destination, but the village is located 120 km from Murmansk. Heading to Teriberka you will spend 2 hours on the way one way. The road to Teriberka is an attraction in itself, because You are surrounded by a unique space.


For several years now BARENS has been forming groups of travelers and sending them to Teriberka. Our experience allows us to provide quality services.

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Teriberka is the end of the earth. Feel the cold endlessness of the northern expanse. Feel the full power of the ocean. Tour to Teriberka is an unforgettable and interesting journey. On the way you will see unreal spaces and interesting places. Waterfalls, stone beaches, defenses, a message from one tourist to another. All this is “Tour to Teriberka”


The team of guides BARENS are ready to dilute the silence of your trip to Teriberka with interesting stories of the formation of Murmansk, the Murmansk region and Teriberka. The Kola Peninsula is fraught with many secrets and mysteries. You will learn about this and much more from our Russian speaking guides


Go to Teriberka from Murmansk on comfortable SUVs and minibuses of the BARENS company. Tourist minibuses of the MERCEDES brand will please even sophisticated tourists. SUVs are designed more for individual trips and are suitable for groups of up to 3 people


BARENS company invites you to go to Teriberka in comfortable minibuses right from the hotel.



from 27,000 rubles


from 17,000 rubles

the price includes guide, transport and transfer from the hotel

* The cost is indicated for the whole group (20 people for a bus and 3 for a jeep). There is a separate luggage trailer.
Sign up by phone 79210326101 , the price includes a guide, transport and transfer from the hotel.


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In early June, the snow will melt on the Rybachiy Peninsula and tourists will rush there to capture the indescribable beauty of the nature of this region. We will organize your jeep trip directly from the hotel.


Если вы хотите посетить место, которое сохранило свою первозданность и чистоту, то лучше чем тур в Териберку не найти! Путь в это удивительное место завораживает. Прямо на ваших глазах меняется природа: лес, тундра, сопки и скалы, которые уходят прямо в море. Именно здесь снимали такие характерные для этой местности российские фильмы, как «Левиафан» и «Дуэлянт».

Заказав тур в Териберку, вы окажетесь в некогда насыщенном жизнью поселке, который расположен в бухте Баренцева моря. Здесь вы увидите суровое северное море, незамерзающее круглый год. Тут стоит побывать ради удивительных эмоций и впечатлений, а также почувствовать морозное дыхание севера.

The tour from the Barents company involves a visit to the northernmost waterfall of Russia and places of military glory during the Second World War.

Touch the North with the Barents Teriberka Tour

Этот поселок – самое доступное место на морском побережье. Выбрав такую поездку, вы окажитесь на краю Кольского полуострова. Неудивительно, что это место пользуется популярностью среди туристов со всего мира. Туры в Териберку из Мурманска осуществляется постоянно. Наша статистика говорит о том, что половина туристов приезжают в Мурманск исключительно из-за этого поселка. Впрочем, обусловлено это еще и тем, что Териберка – единственное место, куда можно доехать по автомобильной дороге и увидеть удивительное Баренцево Море и сам Северный Ледовитый Океан.

A fascinating journey to the ends of the earth with the Barents company is an opportunity to plunge into the history of the north and feel the full power of the Murmansk region.

Тур в Териберку – самое популярное направление. Поселок находится в 120 километрах от Мурманска, и дорога занимает 2 часа в одну сторону. Однако не думайте, что в дороге вы будете скучать. Сама поездка и вид из окон наших микроавтобусов и есть невероятная экскурсия.

Unique service from Barents or what to expect from the tour?

For several years we have been making trips to Teriberka and successfully forming groups of tourists. Thanks to this experience, we offer only quality travel services.

Attractions in Teriberka:

  • a ship graveyard;
  • a waterfall flowing directly into the ocean;
  • Pomor crosses;
  • seids;
  • artillery battery of the Second World War.

What we offer:

  1. Professional guides. We will tell you interesting stories about Teriberka, which is full of many mysteries and secrets. Our staff also conduct guided tours in English.
  1. Emotions. Teriberka is unforgettable, it is located at the end of the earth. The definition alone starts to take your breath away. It amazes with its spaciousness: waterfalls, stone beaches, structures, hills and majestic cliffs. And the cold endlessness of the north will make this journey the most interesting of all.
  1. Comfortable conditions. This is a rough road to the north and the weather is not always good. But we transport tourists in the most comfortable SUVs and minibuses. Brand – Mercedes, which meets all the requirements of passengers. SUVs are suitable for small groups of three. Departure is carried out directly from the hotel.

Закажите тур в Териберку вместе с «Баренс» и ощутите весь калейдоскоп эмоций и впечатлений от Крайнего Севера.

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