Popularity of Teriberka

Obviously, this is the most popular place in the Murmansk region. Every day Teriberka is visited by a huge number of tourists from all over the world. In conditions of quarantine, when all foreign travel is not available to Russians, Teriberka took a hit. Tourists from all over Russia rushed north.

Should you spend your vacation in the north?

Vacation may or may not, but a day off, another one is possible. Now we will tell you and show you why. It is not for nothing that so many tourists flock there.

How to get to Teriberka

The first and foremost is the way to Teriberka. The distance is relatively short, only 120 km. Unfortunately, 40 of them are “sliced” by a grader. So the time to overcome 120 km will take approximately 2.5 hours. Yes, and it is advisable to go not on a sedan, but on something higher, because there are pits and bumps on which the bottom can be touched. In modern cars, most of the parts are made of plastic, so a blow to the underbody can be fatal. Better to consider crossovers and jeeps for such travel.


The place where the asphalt ends is marked above. It should be noted that there are no petrol stations in Teriberka and the tank needs to be calculated for the return trip. Fortunately, on the outskirts of Murmansk there is a gas station where you can buy fuel and something for a snack.

The time of the year greatly influences the trip and the experience of the trip. So, for example, in winter it is dark all the time and it will be more difficult to see the beauty, and two-meter, or even three-meter snowdrifts will limit the view as much as possible. It is not uncommon for the road to be swept over, it becomes difficult or even impossible to move along it.

We advise you to check the traffic situation in Teriberka in the winter before setting off there. It is often impossible to get to Teriberka in winter – the road is blocked. Such restrictions can last up to a week. It all depends on the weather. So this is serious, you have to understand.

In summer, the picture is opposite. The road is always open, but it melted with the snow. Snowdrifts do not block the view now, and the night does not come in Murmansk in summer.

Pros and cons of traveling to Teriberka in winter

With all the “inconvenience” of winter, there are pluses because of which tourists come a second time at other times of the year:

  • The road is more or less leveled, driving becomes acceptable
  • There is a chance to see the Northern Lights, because large open spaces allow you to look over colossal chunks of the sky
  • The landscape changes to winter, which in itself is also interesting and beautiful
  • The uniqueness of winter travel

Well, the cons are quite obvious:

  • Very cold
  • They block the road or it is covered with snow, you can not enter or leave
  • Large snowdrifts and very often only one lane of traffic is cleaned, and in some places pockets are made in order to part.
  • Some of the attractions under the snow, such as a waterfall

Pros and cons of a trip to Teriberka in summer

Summer is obviously a more favorable time of the year. For travel, it suits much better. Teriberka, in this regard, is no exception.

Let’s consider the advantages of summer Teriberka:

  • Warmly. This, of course, is not about the Murmansk region, but there are such days.
  • Always light
  • Nature blooms in summer, everything is green
  • The waterfall comes alive
  • Other attractions become available

If we talk about cons, then in summer Teriberka there is only one:

  • Bad road

This minus is solved by the car prepared for this. Let us remind you once again – it is advisable to choose a higher car to avoid unpleasant situations along the way.

How Teriberka attracts people

The most valuable thing in Teriberka is nature. The nature on the Kola Peninsula is unique and makes it clear how ” my native country is wide “. The endless expanses through which you will eat are stunningly beautiful and will not leave anyone indifferent.

The village itself is not a sight. It is even half abandoned by residents. But Teriberka is one of the few places where there is an exit to the Arctic Ocean (in fact, the oceans do not wash the continents, only the seas).

After the popularization of Teriberka, and this happened when A.P. Zvyagintsev. filmed the film “Leviathan” there, a large number of Russian tourists began to arrive there. And after the appearance of a huge number of photos and videos of Teriberka, foreign tourists rushed there. Recently festivals have begun in Teriberka, which attracted even more people.

For those who just come to Teriberka on the weekend is not enough, for those who like more sophisticated travel, they can go to Teriberka from Murmansk by boat . It will take a little longer, but it will be possible to see the peninsula from the sea, which is also amazing.

How to get to Teriberka

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