Car rental is easy!

In this article we will tell you how to choose a company and the process of getting a car, and most importantly, how to do it efficiently and without consequences.

Car rental in the modern world is no longer a gimmick, a huge number of people use such services. Some arrive for work – they need to travel a lot around the city and the region, and car rental in this case is much more profitable than a taxi. Others fly on weekends for tourist purposes and renting a car for them is an ideal solution to visit a large number of places and not be tied to time. Still others want to visit places that are difficult to get to – Teriberka or Rybachy Peninsula among them. Some kind of jeep will be useful for them. All these needs are met with the help of this type of service.

How to choose a car rental in Murmansk?

The first place everyone will look is the Internet. Opening any search engine, you will find a huge number of organizations and private ads. If you are brave – your choice is a private trader. The price is usually lower than that of organizations, but there is no service (not always of course). If you are a foreigner, this path is closed for you.

Organizations are another level of service delivery. According to the agreement, the car rental must provide you with a technically sound car, and if you have any problems during the rental, they should help you.

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How to pick up a car correctly?

Every renter wonders how to get a car and not miss damage. Not all car rental clients are experienced in picking up and dropping off a car. Below we will give recommendations on this issue.

5 rules for accepting a car.

  1. The car must be intact. All parts of the car body must be in place.
  2. In order to receive a high-quality car, select one of the body parts, for example, the driver’s door. Next, you inspect slowly, part by part, for damage. After making a circle, you end up at the driver’s door.
  3. Damage mark. The most basic question of this service. The vehicle lease agreement must contain the vehicle acceptance certificate. Correct completion of this document will ensure an easy return procedure.
  4. Photographing of the rented vehicle. Try to take the car in the daytime, so that the car is clearly visible in the photo. There is no point in photographing recorded damage. The photo is required to detect damage that you missed during the inspection. After all, even an experienced person can miss some detail, for example, damage to the mudguard. It is best to take general photographs of the vehicle from four sides.
  5. Equipment. The car must have a minimum set of tools (usually a key and a jack), as well as an emergency stop sign, first aid kit, and a fire extinguisher. Don’t forget about the spare tire, which needs to be inflated.
Example of a diagram showing damage

How to return a car correctly?

Upon delivery of the rented car, a reverse operation will take place – now the car rental employee will accept the car. He must compare the damage he finds on the car with the vehicle’s handover. If there is damage unmarked in the act – retention.

That’s why you are taking a photo. A photo of the car with which you can check if you missed anything when you took the car.

Nobody is interested in a conflict situation. But the employee receiving the car will be attentive because he pays himself if he passes. And he accepts much more per day than most tenants all their lives. This fact forces him to carefully examine or pay for the missed.

If you filled out the act correctly and took a photo, it will be easy and fast.

We hope this article will help you.

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