Guided tour of the bay


Kola Bay is about 57 km of water area surrounded by indescribable nature and landscapes of city ports. The Kola Bay accommodates thousands of ships annually, and its depth reaches 300 meters.

At the exit from the bay to the Barents Sea lies the hero city – Murmansk. From here our journey will begin. Through almost 10 kilometers of the port of Murmansk. And at that time, on the left bank of the Kola Bay, in the area of Belokamenka, a grandiose construction began. Along which you will have to go a lot of time.


BARENS invites guests and residents of the city to see Murmansk “outside”. Excursions around the Kola Bay are a great way to learn more about Murmansk, to see Murmansk from a completely different side. The first impression of a tour of the bay – have we always had so many ships in the bay !? And if we consider that this is a statement by a native of Murmansk, it turns out that we do not know anything about Murmansk. We have a chance to find out more.


Our ships are designed for 10 people on board, but for a comfortable excursion around the bay we form groups of up to 5-6 people. This number allows for a more spacious feel.

How long does it take

A tour of the Kola Bay is a journey of several tens of kilometers. The duration of the trip along the bay is approximately 3 hours. The time of the excursion consists of one way trip, it is about 1.5 hours and the other way round. First we walk along one side of the bay, then along the other.

During a tour of the Kola Bay you will see:

  • Large number of small craft such as tugs and fishing vessels
  • Large fishing vessels from different countries
  • Huge cargo ships from different countries
  • Liners with helipads
  • Warships
  • Icebreakers
  • Nuclear powered ships
  • Floating workshops
  • Floating nuclear power plants
  • And much more


Our vessel is specially assembled for tourist needs. Prepared for this kind of travel, it meets all the requirements of a modern tourist:

-Navigation equipment that meets all modern trends
-The rear of the ships has an awning that can be installed at low temperatures for travel comfort
-Two motors of 300 horsepower will make you pick up speed!
-There is heating on board
-3 berths
-A place for cooking and relaxing with a cheerful company
-Galyun, he’s a toilet, almost like at home


Guided tour of the bay


Will guide you through this exciting journey. He will tell you interesting facts. He will give you a look through binoculars =)

Guided tour of the bay


Picturesque views, in which the Kola Bay is drowning, will be at arm’s length. And the port of Murmansk is a multi-kilometer picture of our time. Appreciate the scale and beauty.

Guided tour of the bay


The ship has a place to prepare food. There will be coffee with sandwiches and sweets.

Guided tour of the bay


The ship is based at Three Creeks. We will provide a comfortable transfer by off-road vehicles and minibuses.





The cost of a tour of the bay is calculated in two ways. Because we can organize an excursion not only along the bay but also to other places of your choice.

The cost of a tour of the Kola Bay:

21 000 rub / group

in 3 hours

Individual excursion cost:

7,000 r / h

per group


If you have any questions, our staff are ready to answer them and tell you even more about this amazing journey along the Kola Bay


Как много загадочного, таинственного, манящего и притягательного в слове фьорд. А ведь и у нас можно понаблюдать за красотой фьордов, и насладиться их могущественностью. Типичный пример узкого, извилистого и глубоко врезающегося в сушу фьорда – Кольский залив. Он является настоящей достопримечательностью Мурманской области. Его основная особенность – вода в заливе не замерзает круглый год, поэтому он имеет важное и стратегическое значение для нашего региона. Он бережет тайны целого города под надежной завесой воды. Кроме этого с водной глади открываются потрясающие виды на сопки, порты, корабли, конечно же, на Мурманск. Основная цель для туристов – западная сторона залива, которая не оставит равнодушным никого благодаря своим крутым скалам. Мы предлагаем заказать экскурсию по Кольскому заливу по выгодным ценам. Вместе с нами Вы увидите город «снаружи». Путешествие, которые мы предлагаем, подарит Вам массу положительных эмоций на всю оставшуюся жизнь.

How long does a tour of the bay take

A tour of the Kola Bay is a fascinating journey of several tens of kilometers. The total trip will take about 3 hours. During the excursion you will visit both sides of the bay.

What you will see during a tour of the Kola Bay

During a tour of the bay you will see:

  • Kola bridge. This is the place where our journey begins, and the Kola Bay itself. According to many sources, the bridge is the longest among the polar structures of this type;
  • village Abram-Mys. From there, a very attractive view of the city, the sea terminal and the world-famous Lenin nuclear powered ship opens up. In the same village there is a unique air defense museum, which is located in the open air: an excellent pastime for lovers of military equipment, aircraft, missiles;
  • an abandoned pier near the village of Mishukovo. For many years it was home to many ships, and today it reminds of those glorious times. Here you can also visit the famous Mishukovsky lighthouse and the radar station, painted in bright orange colors. Moreover, here you can see the entire nuclear fleet of our country located at the RosAtom pier: liners, nuclear-powered ships, icebreakers, floating nuclear power plants;
  • the half-abandoned village of Retinskoe will open the veil of secrets for curious tourists;

All this you can see for yourself by ordering a tour of the Kola Bay .

Forming groups

Our sea transport (boats and yachts) is designed for groups of 10 people, but for a more comfortable excursion around the Kola Bay we will form groups of 5-6. This allows the guide to pay attention to all tourists, as well as the travel participants to feel more comfortable.

A comfortable boat is the key to a successful excursion around the bay

Our ships are equipped with all the necessary equipment for tourist needs:

  • navigation equipment;
  • the presence of an awning for comfort and maintaining the optimum temperature;
  • availability of heating;
  • latrine.

Price for a tour of the Kola Bay

Кроме увлекательного путешествия по заливу мы предлагаем другие виды экскурсий: по Мурманску, в Териберку и т.д. Стоимость экскурсии по заливу 21 тысяча рублей на группу. При заказе дополнительных экскурсий цена будет выше на 7 тысяч рублей на группу.Заказать экскурсию по Кольскому заливу можно на сайте или по телефону. Наши менеджеры ответят ан все вопросы. Звоните и заказывайте. Благодаря экскурсии по заливу Вы получите яркие и незабываемые впечатления, увидите полярный день или ночь, а также насладитесь красивейшими пейзажами нашего края.

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